Financial Audit and Assurance
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    Financial institutions
    Experience with largest Banks and Insurance companies
    Experience with state and private Telecom companies
    Experience with the local regulatory authority for energy and state-owned energy companies.
    Experience with the largest agricultural group of companies, encompassing both production and sales.
    Experience with the largest retail group of companies, covering both wholesale and retail sales.
    Pharmaceutical industry
    Experience with a pharmaceutical group of companies that is a part of larger international networks.
    Our Services
    Financial audit of financial statements according to local GAAP & IFRS
    IT Governance, IT Assessment, Information Security, Business Management...
    Outsourcing Accounting, Payroll and HR functions
    Ensuring compliance with relevant tax obligations
    Navigating diverse legal matters, including civil, commercial, corporate, real estate ...
    Our purpose is to help people thrive
    Our team
    Our team possesses extensive expertise and holds numerous certifications, memberships, and qualifications, such as auditor certifications, ACCA membership, a Global MBA from Oxford Brookes, CISA, CISM, among others, which exemplify our commitment to staying current with industry standards and fostering professional growth.